How to Insert, Update, Delete Elements in MongoDB

here are the kive examples so that you can easily understand the query execution in MongoDB


find using filters


As an array


find using greater than the value

/* $gt is use for grater and $lt is use for less than */

delete data from document deleteOne


same idea logy for multiple deletions  deleteMany


for update we use updateMany, updateOne, replaceOne, update(not recommend)

Now we will see how to update age which was 29 to something else


now check

replaceOne, and update use set of object data and not use $set 

simply update will replace the data having data to change . Let us see an example with object ID of Amit panchal above


here we can see index name,age removed totally from json. A complete new object data store . This will override our data in database.
Hence we use replaceOne method 

db.customers.replaceOne({name1:"Hi I am Amit PAnchal"},{name:"Amit Panchal",age:22}) 

and view 

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