Length Converter

Length conversion table

To find out what the conversion factors are between nine popular length units, check out this length conversion table:

Length Converter
millimeter (mm)centimeter (cm)meter (m)kilometer (km)inch (in)foot / feet (ft)yard (yd)mile (mi)nautical mile (nmi)
1 millimeter (mm)10.10.0010.0000010.039370.0032810.00109360.00000062140.00000054
1 centimeter (cm)1010.010.000010.39370.032810.0109360.0000062140.0000054
1 meter (m)100010010.00139.373.2811.09360.00062140.00054
1 kilometer (km)1000000100000100013937032811093.60.62140.54
1 inch (in)25.42.540.02540.000025410.083330.027780.0000157830.000013715
1 foot / feet (ft)304.830.480.30480.00030481210.333330.00018940.00016458
1 yard (yd)914.491.440.91440.000914436310.00056820.0004937
1 mile (mi)16093441609341609.31.6093633605280176010.869
1 nautical mile (nmi)185200018520018521.8527291360762025.41.15081

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